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Marketing Differentiation

Marketing Differentiation

Marketing Differentiation

Need help with;






Social Media


Award Writing & Submissions 

Presentation Preparation


Let us sit down and have a look at your marketing plan. Do you have questions about your current marketing, communications, strategy or brand? Do you have an upcoming project that needs a marketing push? What are your customers' unmet needs? What are your competitors up to?

With a consultation, we are able to get you on the right track and ensure you, your team and your customers know exactly your point(s) of difference, while at the same time leaving your competitors behind!


Quality Improvement*

Marketing Differentiation

Marketing Differentiation

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Non-compliance & sanctions

Quality Audits

Quality Standards

Risk Management

Emergency Planning


Continuous Improvement

Education & Training

Rainbow Tick

Dementia Support

Policy Review & Writing


Complaints Management

Innovation & Technology

Do you and your team struggle with accreditation? Is your quality too risk focused? If so, why? 

Starting with an understanding of your concerns and issues, we will develop a plan that makes quality fun and where everyone embraces accreditation. 

Let us help take some of that pressure off you.

*Australian Organisation for Quality Member


Education & Training

Marketing Differentiation

Education & Training

Need help with:

Engaging Education

Fun Training


Change Management

Small Scale Living


Customer Service

Customer Engagement

Customer Touch-points

Listening to the Customer

Case Conferences

Focus Groups


Resident/Relative Meetings

Who are your Customers

Complaints Management

The hard thing in any business is to gain a customer, yet the easiest is to lose one which not only affects your bottom line, but also your brand, and an opportunity for the competitor to sweep in!

A good way to ensure this doesn't happen is by providing your team with ongoing education & training. We can guarantee that your education and training will no longer be "death by powerpoint"!

We can also help you look at your customer experience - from their first phone call, the admissions process, and their complete journey under your care. We will show why the faces of your company are critical to your brand and that complaints are wonderful opportunities which no service industry can live without.